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Japan secures third spot in global tourism competitiveness report

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In the latest travel and tourism development report released by the World Economic Forum on May 21, 2024, Japan has been ranked as the third most desirable global travel destination. The report underscores Japan’s abundant natural and cultural resources along with its efficient transportation systems, placing it just behind the United States and Spain, the top two countries on the list. Japan previously held the first position in the 2021 report, which was influenced by different assessment criteria during the coronavirus pandemic.

Japan secures third spot in global tourism competitiveness report

The analysis reveals Japan’s strength in cultural attractions, where it ranks second globally, thanks to its extensive archaeological sites and a broad spectrum of entertainment options. It also achieves a fourth-place ranking in infrastructure, particularly in its road and railway systems, showcasing the country’s focus on enhancing traveler mobility. Despite these strengths, the report indicates that Japan could improve in areas like pricing and tourist services, where it does not compete as effectively on a global scale.

Across the board, the World Economic Forum’s index reviewed the travel and tourism competitiveness of 119 countries and regions. France and Australia followed closely behind Japan, securing fourth and fifth places respectively. In the wider Asia-Pacific area, nations such as China, Singapore, and South Korea also made it into the top rankings, positioned eighth, thirteenth, and fourteenth. This detailed ranking not only highlights the leaders in global tourism but also serves as a benchmark for countries looking to improve their standings in the competitive tourism sector.

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