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JA Solar Releases its Next Generation Module DeepBlue 4.0 Pro

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-Uses Larger Rectangular Silicon Wafers for Maximum Module Flexibility-

BEIJING, May 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JA Solar today released its new n-type module DeepBlue 4.0 Pro at SNEC 2023. Based on a new size of next-generation rectangular silicon wafer, the module is capturing the attention of the industry.

The module adapts cells cut from the next generation n-type rectangular silicon wafer size independently developed by JA Solar that features long lifespan and low oxygen content. Combined with high-efficiency n-type passivation contact Bycium+ cell technology, the Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) of the cell reaches 725mV and the cell efficiency of mass production reaches 25.3%. As well, DeepBlue 4.0 Pro integrates SMBB technology, high-density encapsulation technology, and other technologies improving quality and efficiency, enabling the power of the 72-cell module to reach 630W with module efficiency exceeding 22.5%. Compared to the mainstream 182 series 78-cell modules (2465mm x 1134mm) in the industry, our power is better while reducing the working voltage of the new dimension by 7.6%, which decreases BOS cost for the system and hot spot risk for the modules.

The highlight of DeepBlue 4.0 Pro is its 182mm x 199mm silicon wafers, which enables application under multiple scenario. Different from other rectangular silicon wafer sizes, the 182mm x 199mm rectangular silicon wafer can keep width of 1134mm while satisfying four mainstream length of modules: 1762mm, 2333mm, 2384mm and 2465mm through different cutting methods. DeepBlue 4.0 Pro meets the demands of different application scenarios, such as residential rooftop, commercial and industrial rooftop system and utility power plants.

Similar to earlier DeepBlue 4.0 X, DeepBlue 4.0 Pro has excellent power generation capacity and reliable performance. Based on Bycium+ cell technology, DeepBlue 4.0 Pro has outstanding power generation characteristics, such as lower degradation, better temperature coefficient, higher bifacial generation gain, and better lower irradiance performance. Compared to conventional p-type modules, one-year field test results from JA Solar and TÜV NORD showed that the n-type module with Bycium+ cell has a electricity generation gain about 3.9%, completely proving its power generation capacity. Furthermore, DeepBlue 4.0 Pro has passed various rigorous aging tests and all results meet the testing requirements of IEC standards.

The industry already comprehensively approved the power generation performance, safety performance, and reliability in various application scenarios of DeepBlue 4.0 Pro. At the time of launch, this module had earned these critical certifications: the TÜV SÜD certificate from TÜV SÜD, the Salt mist corrosion certificate, Ammonia corrosion certificate and Dust and sand certificate from TÜV NORD, and Golden Sun Certificate for Photovoltaic Products, Photovoltaic Non-uniform Snow Load Reliability Certification and Photovoltaic Flexible Racking System Compatibility Certificate from CGC.

JA Solar’s product design philosophy is “tailored to increase customer value”, and the better BOS cost and LCOE of DeepBlue 4.0 Pro deliver on this promise. Integrating advantages such as high efficiency, high power, better power generation capacity and high reliability, DeepBlue 4.0 Pro can generate greater profits for customers. When compared to p-type modules in different application scenarios, project types and installation methods, the BOS cost of DeepBlue 4.0 Pro can be reduced by about 2%-4.5%, and the LCOE can be reduced by about 2.5%-6%. Compared to the original version of the n-type module, the BOS cost of DeepBlue 4.0 Pro can be reduced by about 1.4%-2.8%, and the LCOE can be reduced by about 0.7%-1.6%.

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