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Introducing IOMesh 1.0, Enterprise Kubernetes-Native Storage for Stateful Applications

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BEIJING, June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IOMesh has announced the release of Enterprise Edition 1.0, the enterprise Kubernetes-native distributed storage solution to help customers build elastic, reliable, and highly performant storage resource pools for stateful applications in a Kubernetes-native way.

IOMesh was first announced in 2021 as a preview version, with tested performance surpassing that of Portworx and other peer products. It is included in the “cloud-native storage” of CNCF Cloud Native Landscape and has achieved Red Hat OpenShift certification as well as compatibility certification with the Alauda Container Platform. In production, IOMesh was deployed by Alibaba Cloud and other customers, supporting data service applications.

IOMesh 1.0 has improved functionalities in installation, deployment, storage, operations, maintenance, etc. The community edition is also available for a quick experience of the full range of features for free.

Fully Enhanced Features

  1. High Performance: Leverage cutting-the-edge technologies such as I/O localization, cold & hot data tiering, all-flash configuration, and local PV to enhance storage performance.
  2. Production-Ready High Availability & Security: Ensure data availability and security with multiple replica policies, PV snapshots, abnormal disk detection & isolation mechanism, secure access, and intelligent data recovery.
  3. Fully Integrated into Kubernetes Ecosystem: Features such as CSI PV provisioning, O&M with K8s Operator, and K8s toolchain integration make IOMesh Kubernetes-native.
  4. Elastic & Agile: To deploy Kubernetes clusters, users can begin with just 3 nodes and enjoy on-demand fast deployment and scaling.
  5. Open & Inclusive: IOMesh has no kernel dependencies and is widely compatible.

Customers can use IOMesh for

  1. Containers as a Service: Speed up your application development and delivery in container environments.
  2. Database as a Service: Ensure node-level high availability with minimal or no downtime.
  3. KubeVirt: Provide persistent storage to Virtual Machines running in Kubernetes Pods.

Experience full features for free with IOMesh Community Edition

IOMesh offers a free community edition with access to all features. Customers can now Install IOMesh Community Edition with a single line of code, and receive a free 30-day trial license upon installation. You can also later request a permanent free license. For installation and deployment guidance, please check IOMesh Docs. For inquiries and community support, please join the IOMesh community on Slack.

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