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Hikvision releases annual ESG report 2022

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HANGZHOU, China, July 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hikvision has released its 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, showcasing the company’s commitment to responsible business practices and its ongoing efforts to create social value. The report highlights the significant progress made by Hikvision in various areas of ESG, including integrity and compliance, low-carbon development, and fostering harmonious relationships with employees, partners, and communities.

Hikvision releases annual ESG report 2022

“At Hikvision, we are committed to upholding social responsibility, ethics, and environmental protection in our operations. We continuously assess and adjust our operations to ensure that we are doing the right thing and doing things right. Our dedicated engineers strive to develop technologies that enhance public safety, traffic management, and operational efficiency. These endeavors underscore our strong commitment to the ESG missions,” said Huang Fanghong, Chief Compliance Officer and Senior Vice President of Hikvision.

Tech for a Better World

Recognizing the transformative potential of technology to create a better world, Hikvision harnesses its advanced AIoT capabilities to drive positive change and make a significant impact across various industries, significantly improving people’s lives.

The 2022 Hikvision ESG report outlines key categories of social value created by the company. Through innovative solutions and products, Hikvision provides support to vulnerable groups, and boosts the digital transformation of urban and rural governance, transportation management, and community services. The company has also expanded its technological capabilities to foster the harmonious co-existence of humans and nature.

Social responsibility and sustainable development are now deeply ingrained in Hikvision’s business practices. Through collaborations with like-minded individuals and industry partners, Hikvision strives to unleash the full potential of technology to change the world for the better.

Hikvision ESG Key Performance 2022

Low-carbon Operations and Green Development

Hikvision has integrated green and low-carbon development into its ESG management framework. In 2022, the company completed its Carbon Neutrality Blueprint and received the ISO14064 certification for Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Verification. This esteemed certification focuses on quantifying and verifying greenhouse gas emissions, providing organizations a robust framework to develop greenhouse gas inventories and policymakers to create effective climate change initiatives.

The company continuously improves its environmental management system, promotes green manufacturing and operations, and implements measures for energy conservation and emission reduction. Last year, Hikvision purchased 32,852 MWh of green electricity and 4,508 MWh of power generated via photovoltaic units.

Investing significantly in the development of innovative technologies and products, Hikvision empowers and helps everyone – from customers to partners – working together towards a greener future. Meanwhile, the company remains committed to reducing its footprint at every stage of product development and business operations – from materials and design choices to green manufacturing and low-carbon office park practices.

Further Enhancing Compliance Ecosystem

Hikvision continues to enhance its compliance system to encompass a wide range of issues and activities. The company has invited experts in international policy and relations, corporate governance, cybersecurity, data protection, and human rights governance to provide the management team with professional insights and advice. Furthermore, the company strives to raise employees’ compliance awareness and encourages adherence to its compliance practices.

Since 2022, Hikvision has hosted Global ESG Conferences that are designed to discuss key ESG topics and priorities, providing a forum for stakeholders to gain deeper insight into the international landscape in which the company operates and the global responsibilities that Hikvision is committed to fulfilling. These conferences have been held across various countries and regions, serving as a platform for employees and partners to work together for social wellbeing.

For more information, you can explore the 2022 Hikvision ESG Report.

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