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HAEGIN Plays Together With Bonobono

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  • A collaboration with popular manga and anime IP “BONO BONO” begins
  • Bonobono and his friends appear as game characters in Play Together
  • Various content such as the Bonobono Seaside Cafe, costumes, furniture, and more have been added

SEOUL, South Korea, June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile Game Company HAEGIN (CEO Young-il Lee) has announced the collaboration between their mobile casual social network game “Play Together” and the popular anime title “BONO BONO”.

HAEGIN Plays Together With Bonobono!

“BONO BONO” is an animated show based on the yonkoma (four-panel) style manga (created by Mikio Igarashi) about the daily lives of cute animals in a forest. The source material has been serialized for 37 years now and is still loved for its comical stories and philosophical undertones.

As part of the collaboration, HAEGIN has added a variety of “BONO BONO” content and events that gives players a chance to collect items based on the show.

To start, the “Bonobono Seaside Cafe” has opened up on the Beach in the Plaza area. Players can cook foods inspired by Bonobono, Chipmunk, and Raccoon. When eaten, players can express themselves with Bonobono’s famous sweating effect.

However, there is more to the cafe than just that. There are giant statues of characters from the show, Chipmunk’s tree house, the Putaway Man’s rock, The Bonobono Forest Pond, and more. The pond is especially expected to attract many players as a fishing spot for seashells that look like the one carried by Bonobono.

Approximately 60 items based on Bonobono and his friends are available such as costumes of Bonobono and Raccoon, a Chipmunk Pet, accessories, mega-sized dolls, vehicles, furniture, and many more.

Items can be acquired in multiple ways. Some can be purchased from the Shop while others can be crafted at the Kaia Workshop, acquired by cooking, or earned as rewards from missions and events to provide players with many ways to have fun.

To celebrate the BONO BONO update, Play Together has added various missions that reward special items when players help Bonobono and his friends at the seaside cafe. Also added to this update is the Bonobono Attendance Event that runs until July 12th. Players can receive in-game currency and items themed after the show just by logging in every day during the event.

For more information on Bonobono and his friends, try visiting the official “Play Together” community below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayTogetherGame

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