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GWM TANK Platform Provide For a Triumph of Advanced Technology

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BAODING, China, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GWM proudly presented the revolutionary GWM TANK 500, an off-road luxury SUV that redefines industry standards with cutting-edge technology and the unique TANK platform, ushering in a new era of mobility. The TANK 500, the second vehicle in the TANK brand, is a mid-sized luxury SUV that integrates high-efficient power, gorgeous comfort, advanced technology, and off-road proficiency to deliver an exceptional driving experience under high-demanding situations.

Based on the TANK platform, the TANK 500 is born to be extraordinary. GWM TANK 500 is equipped with a new generation of smart four-wheel drive and an intelligent all-terrain system, seamlessly integrating smart technology with off-road capabilities.

The TANK platform represents an innovative smart off-road concept meticulously crafted by GWM through the integration of top global resources. Its flexibility and adaptability cater to the diverse requirements of various vehicle models through a modular design. The TANK platform covers power formd:three hr ICE, PHEV and HEV and giving the GWM TANK 500 outstanding performance.

GWM TANK 500 boasts an impressive array of off-road capabilities. These encompass an intelligent all-terrain system, a smart four-wheel-drive system, and an active suspension system. These advanced features empower the GWM TANK 500 to excel in diverse off-road scenarios, from navigating rain, snow, mud, and dunes to conquering trenches, rock climbing, and steep slopes. Additionally, the body-on-frame vehicle structure of the GWM TANK 500 made the body strength, providing a solid foundation for safety.

The smart cabin assistance in the GWM TANK 500 signifies the future of driving. It comes equipped with the L2 intelligent driving assistance system and optional HWA/NOH high-speed navigation assistance, enhancing convenience and safety, delivering a more relaxed and intelligent driving experience. With its active safety tech, powered by millimeter-wave radar and intelligent cameras, anticipates hazards and ensures driver safety. It features a three-screen interconnected system, HUD (Head-Up Display) that reduces distractions and comfort. Furthermore, the intelligent cabin platform of the GWM TANK 500 is designed with iterability and upgradability, ensuring robust support for future mobility requirements.

Moreover, the GWM TANK 500 can assess road conditions anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly combining urban and off-road scenarios, it meets users’ diverse urban and outdoor needs, providing a premium future mobility experience with its high level of intelligence and technology.

The GWM TANK 500 revolutionizes luxury off-road SUVs with a super hybrid architecture and is now available in a number of countries including Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and the UAE.

Tyler Qian
Great Wall Motor Company Limited
Baoding, Hebei Province
Website: www.gwm-global.com  
Email: globalpr@gwm.cn

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