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GWM 2022 Annual Performance Report: 12.18 billion CNY R&D investment, up 34%

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BAODING, China, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On March 30, GWM released its 2022 annual report. In 2022, the total operating revenue of GWM was 137.34 billion CNY. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 8.27 billion CNY, a year-on-year increase of 22.90%.

GWM 2022 Annual Performance Report: 12.18 billion CNY R&D investment, up 34%

In 2022, GWM maintained a healthy and sustainable financial situation by accelerating the pace of intelligent and new energy transformation, releasing product potential and market momentum. And it has made progress in new energy, intelligence, globalization, and system transformation.

In 2023, the company will continue to take technology development as the foundation, take global development as the wing, adhere to the new energy declaration of “Greener, Higher, Safer”, let conscientiousness and honesty be the essence of car-making, let core technology lead as the essence of competition, and let technology realize equal rights for all people.

Under the background of the intelligent and the new energy revolution in the industry, GWM continued to strengthen scientific and technological innovation. In 2022, the company invested 12.18 billion CNY in research and development, a year-on-year increase of 34.34%, accounting for 8.87% of the total operating revenue. It continued to strengthen research and development capabilities, consolidate its foundation with technological innovation, and further enhance its core competitiveness.

As the only automotive company in China and the only one of two in the world that has completed a flat, networked, and decentralized layout of the entire industrial chain in the two major fields of energy and intelligence, GWM has established a forest ecosystem with multiple species interacting and continuously evolving, forming a complete industrial layout, achieving independent control of core technologies and efficient collaboration of organizational systems.

In the field of new energy, GWM has established a parallel development strategy of hybrid, pure electric, and hydrogen energy, with multiple technological routes. It has built an industry-leading energy system of “photovoltaic + distributed energy storage + centralized energy storage”, and completed the entire value chain layout of “solar energy – battery – hydrogen energy – vehicle power”.

The recently released new intelligent four-wheel drive hybrid technology Hi4 has achieved a “new configuration” of three power sources with dual axis distribution, a “new breakthrough” in iTVC intelligent torque vector control system, and a “new height” in electromechanical coupling transmission systems. This technology will be first applied on the newly launched HAVAL new energy model, and the full range of new energy products from GWM will also be fully popularized in 4WD by 2024.

In the future, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, GWM forest ecosystem will continue to exert its strength, comprehensively deploy intelligent new energy fields with new sequences, new channels, new models, new technologies, and new products, to continuously improve its product mix and meet the diverse needs of consumers.

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