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Estonia Shines at GITEX Global 2023: Celebrating Innovation and Partnership

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DUBAI, UAE, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Estonia, renowned for its digital pioneering spirit, has made an indelible impression at GITEX Global 2023, firmly showcasing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. With 12 leading Estonian tech companies actively seeking collaborative opportunities, GITEX Global 2023 has unquestionably become a focal point for visionary technological excellence.

 Estonia Shines at GITEX Global 2023: Celebrating Innovation and Partnership

At GITEX Global 2023, Estonia’s roster of 12 tech companies presented cutting-edge innovations, offering visitors a glimpse into the nation’s celebrated digital accomplishments. These companies cover a wide spectrum, including cyber defense services, smart mobility solutions, global connectivity experts, and pioneers of Muon Flux technology, designed to enhance safety and construction practices across various industries.

Estonia’s remarkable presence at GITEX Global 2023 was further elevated by the participation of the Estonian Minister of Education and Research, Mrs. Kristina Kallas. Mrs. Kallas graced the event with her presence and delivered an insightful session titled ‘AI Powered Education: Designing a Future-Ready Learning Ecosystem.’ Her presentation delved into pathways for ensuring secure, sustainable, and affordable digital access by 2030. She discussed the barriers to AI adoption in education and highlighted the steps that governments can take to ensure its successful integration. Furthermore, she explored strategies to accelerate educational plans, equipping students for the future of work.

Mrs. Kristina Kallas also witnessed the signing of a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) involving Nortal, Emirates Cyber Range, and Harrisburg University. This strategic partnership holds promise for advancements in the fields of education and technology.

Additionally, during the same week as GITEX, the UAE-Estonia Business Council had their biannual meeting, fortifying the ties between the two nations and promoting collaborative ventures.

The Minister engaged in a meeting with the UAE AI Minister, discussing future cooperation and the potential for joint initiatives to advance AI-powered education in both countries.

In another significant meeting, Mrs. Kristina Kallas held discussions with the Founder/CEO of the Future Museum. Their conversation revolved around exploring opportunities for business acceleration, utilizing Estonia’s EdTech and startup sector to drive innovation and progress.

Auve Tech, a pioneering leader in autonomous vehicles, unveiled MiCa, its next-generation self-driving vehicle, for the first time in the region at GITEX Global 2023. MiCa represents a groundbreaking reimagining of autonomous vehicles, equipped with advanced sensors and software solutions that push the boundaries of autonomous driving to new heights. Achieving road readiness in Japan, MiCa marks a significant milestone in global autonomous transport. A B2B alliance has been forged between Robotics 5.0 and SRTI CEO, alongside Autodesk GCC, with the aim of spearheading educational and commercial robotic manufacturing projects in the region. In reflection of this significant development, Robotics 5.0 has expressed its positive outlook, highlighting how its cutting-edge machines have now found a new home at SRTIP.

Estonia’s presence at GITEX Global 2023 provided a glimpse into a digital future powered by innovation and collaboration. The show was a resounding success, with more than 150 qualified leads, at least 10 prominent investors, and 20 potential distributors and commercial partners in the area.

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