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Enhancing FTTR Experience Through Huawei iMaster NCE’s Technical Innovations

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DUBAI, UAE, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At the Ultra-Broadband Forum 2023 (UBBF 2023) recently held in Dubai, UAE, Huawei demonstrated a series of technology innovations based on the “A-PRIME” value proposition and introduced how Huawei iMaster NCE (Manager+Controller+Analyzer) helps carriers deliver a premium FTTR service experience.

Enhanced Intelligent Capabilities Throughout the Entire FTTR Service Process

Huawei iMaster NCE provides intelligent capabilities throughout the entire FTTR service process, to deliver premium services in marketing, deployment, and acceptance, as well as a premium gigabit user experience.

  • Coverage Visualization for Marketing: In terms of marketing, Huawei iMaster NCE provides the function of visualizing the network coverage based on subscription packages. Marketing personnel can correctly map out a floor plan in the LinkHome Assistant app based on customer descriptions and simulate the coverage of individual rooms with Wi-Fi coverage heat maps, which helps improve the marketing success rate.
  • Instant Device Deployment: During the network deployment, all-in-one hot melt adhesive guns and transparent fibers are used to ensure lossless and fast fiber routing without damaging walls.
  • Integrated Network Acceptance: During the network acceptance, the LinkHome Assistant app provides a one-stop acceptance tool for devices, connectivity, and experience. With this tool, field engineers can perform standard acceptance for more than 20 indicators, such as device layout, connectivity media, and optical power. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi experience of each frequent Wi-Fi access zone can be accepted based on the actual rate, signal coverage, latency, roaming, interference, and security. After the acceptance is done, the LinkHome Assistant app provides a detailed acceptance report so that customers can intuitively learn the network experience.

Individualized Applications to Improve User Experience in All Aspects

Nowadays, home broadband users have higher requirements on a premium experience. To fulfill increasingly diversified needs, Huawei has regrouped the user value scenarios and developed a series of personalized applications based on iMaster NCE, aiming to support more home broadband service scenarios through intelligent upgrades and significantly improve user experience.

  • Global Acceleration: iMaster NCE provides a synergistic solution of Wi-Fi acceleration and global network acceleration in gaming, education, live streaming, and e-commerce scenarios to reduce the home-side and network-side latency and greatly lower the packet loss rate.
  • Smart Coffer for Devices: Users can add privacy-related devices to the smart coffer in the LinkHome app. After which, the system can automatically identify unauthorized Wi-Fi accesses and block them in a timely manner to protect users’ privacy.
  • Application-level Parental Control: It enables parents to easily configure anti-addiction and vacation modes. They can customize their Internet access plan based on applications, time periods, and terminals. Moreover, 100,000+ improper websites can be automatically blocked through the green network function, ensuring a safe and healthy Internet environment.

With the “A-PRIME” approach, Huawei’s Premium Broadband solution brings a true gigabit network experience to every room and every user. Huawei will continue to focus on user experience improvement through technical innovations, help improve network intelligence, and drive high-quality gigabit experience to a new level.

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