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CESI’s HVDC experience supports the energy industry decarbonization

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MILAN, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Europe emerges as a leader in the fight against decarbonization during COP 28. The European strategy for electrifying the energy world aligns with the 2050 Net Zero Carbon targets, bringing the electrical component in the energy mix close to 47%. “The path to keep global warming preferably around 1.5 degrees, translates into a significant effort and, above all, a race against time. The coming decade is crucial to achieving these results,” says Domenico Villani, CEO of CESI, the Italian multinational worldwide leader in innovation, digitization, and testing for the electric power sector.  Thanks to current commitments, if maintained, and ongoing initiatives, global CO2 emissions will be reduced by 20% by 2030.

CESI plays a significant role in accelerating the transition towards a cleaner and more interconnected energy system. This is because the strategy it promotes internationally is based on adopting innovative yet readily available technologies that contribute immediately to the reduction of annual CO2 emissions.

At the heart of this revolution, High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) infrastructure proves essential, allowing for efficient transmission of clean electricity over long distances, connecting renewable energy plants from remote generation regions to consumption centers. CESI, in addition to studying and engineering these facilities, through its KEMA Labs division is at the forefront of this evolution. “By expanding our testing capabilities, our group ensures the resilience, reliability, and safety of electrical infrastructures. Specifically, with our cutting-edge laboratories in Milan and Mannheim for HVDC cable testing – the largest in the world,” says Villani.

This expansion will allow CESI to conduct more than 78,000 cumulative test hours, enabling us to qualify up to nine cable projects in a space of more than 3100 square meters. Each cable will undergo rigorous testing in line with international standards, simulating its performance for up to 40 years under the most demanding technical conditions. CESI’s expertise in HVDC is also underlined by more than 40 HVDC consulting projects globally, covering more than 30,000 km of overhead lines, 7,000 km of submarine cables and 50GW of installed capacity.

“The journey towards decarbonization, reaffirmed by COP28, not only aims to curb climate change but also promotes energy independence. In this regard, expanding HVDC interconnections is a critical step in stabilizing energy prices, mitigating geopolitical risks, and reducing dependence on fossil fuels,” remarks Domenico Villani.

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