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CUPERTINO, Calif., June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Amazfit, a leading global smart wearables brand owned by Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), a health technology company, has today unveiled the brand’s first dedicated running smartwatches, the Amazfit Cheetah series. Developed with industry-leading GPS technology that delivers unprecedented positioning accuracy, the Amazfit Cheetah series empowers athletes of all levels to become the runners they aspire to be, through AI-generated training plans that are tailored to each user’s unique characteristics and running goals, and a lightweight design that’s specifically engineered to match what runners need.

Amazfit’s First Dedicated Running Watch Series

While most Amazfit smartwatches are created with a multisport focus, the new Amazfit Cheetah series breaks new ground for the brand, being conceptualized, developed, crafted and optimized precisely for running.

Jin Dong, Director of Sports Products at Zepp Health, said “By listening to our global community of users, we learned that not only do they really love running for the health and fitness benefits, or the thrill of competition, but running is also a way for a lot of people to connect with each other through in-person running clubs or online communities. With the Amazfit Cheetah series, we hope to provide the ultimate experience for every kind of runner, no matter if they’re training to achieve an elite-level result in an upcoming race, or if they’re simply trying to improve their performance and enjoy every moment along the way.”

Breaking Limits in GPS Technology and AI Coaching

Understanding that accurate GPS tracking is of the utmost importance for running watch users, the brand has leveled-up its proprietary dual-band circularly-polarized GPS antenna for the Amazfit Cheetah series, with internal testing showing that it can provide positioning that’s 99.5% as accurate as a professional gold standard GPS locator.

Now dubbed MaxTrack™, due to its ability to pick up the maximum amount of satellite signals (almost 100%, compared to smartwatches with a regular antenna which can only pick up 50%), this aircraft-grade technology revolutionizes smartwatch positioning by reducing multi-path interference caused by environmental factors like tall buildings, high trees or cloudy skies. As a result, the Amazfit Cheetah series tracks the user’s GPS movement with unrivaled accuracy – no matter whether they’re weaving between skyscrapers downtown or pacing through the shaded woodland of their favorite trail.

Along with the industry-leading MaxTrack™ technology, which utilizes both L1 and L5 satellite signals for pinpoint dual-band positioning, the Amazfit Cheetah series also supports six satellite systems to keep users covered, wherever they like to run. To put this incredible accuracy to use in real-time, users can import a route file and color Offline Map of their planned activity area from the Zepp App, for precise navigation from the wrist and enhanced sense of direction as they run.

Another major enhancement found in the Amazfit Cheetah series comes in the AI-powered Zepp Coach™, which introduces a new dimension specifically for runners. Users can now choose to generate targeted running plans aimed at training for a variety of race types. Personalized for each unique user’s characteristics and ambitions for their upcoming race, the AI-generated running plan will adjust week-to-week based on the user’s performance and condition, just like a personal trainer would continuously optimize a client’s workout regimen.

Taking AI coaching to the next level, Amazfit Cheetah series users in select countries and regions will also be able to try out the Zepp Coach™ AI Chat feature in the Zepp App for a short demo period, ahead of this chatbot becoming a subscription-based service. Utilizing the power of generative AI and applied large language model (LLM) to interact with the user on a Q&A basis, Zepp Coach™ AI Chat recognizes the user’s natural language descriptions as input via voice or typed command, and delivers easy-to-understand answers to their sports-related questions. When added to the personalized training plans and scientific guidance provided by Zepp Coach™, this AI chat extension rounds out a truly interactive coach-to-athlete experience for Amazfit Cheetah series users.

Engineered for Runners, From the Inside Out

Crafted with an “all boost, no burden” philosophy, the Amazfit Cheetah series hits all the key design requirements of running smartwatch users. Each entry features a durable yet lightweight fiber-reinforced polymer frame, complete with a responsive button and operation crown combination – for easy control, even during an intense run. The Amazfit Cheetah Pro adds a premium titanium alloy bezel, for elite runners who need both an extra degree of durability when on the running track and an added touch of class when off it.

To ensure running data is visible at a glance, even under the glare of bright sunlight, the smartwatches also feature a crisp, high resolution HD AMOLED display which can reach a peak brightness of up to 1,000 nits.

A New Starting Line

Through its cutting-edge GPS technology, integration of powerful generative AI features, and ground-up tailoring of hardware and software specifically for runners, the Amazfit Cheetah series represents a decisive next step for the brand, highlighting a philosophy focused on optimization for specialist user bases – particularly in the sports arena.

The Amazfit Cheetah Pro and Amazfit Cheetah (Round) are now available at Amazfit stores, Amazon and AliExpress. The Amazfit Cheetah (Square) will be available soon.

The Amazfit Cheetah Pro is priced starting from $299.99 USD, while the Amazfit Cheetah (Round) is priced starting from $229.99 USD. Prices may vary depending on location.

For more information, please visit https://www.amazfit.com/en/ and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

About Amazfit

Amazfit, a leading global smart wearable brand focused on health and fitness, is part of Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), a health technology company. Offering a wide selection of smart watches and bands, Amazfit’s brand essence is “Up Your Game”, encouraging users to live their passions and express their active spirits freely. Amazfit is powered by Zepp Health’s proprietary health management platform that delivers cloud-based 24/7 actionable insights and guidance to help users attain their wellness goals. With outstanding craftsmanship, Amazfit smartwatches have won many design awards, including the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Launched in 2015, Amazfit is today embraced by millions of users. Its products are available in more than 90 countries across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions. For more information about Amazfit, visit www.amazfit.com.

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